Here at Newo, we know that the excellence of our milk is what sets us apart – meaning our customers come back to us, time and again.
The first thing that customers notice about our milk is its fresh, creamy and oh-so delicious flavour. One of NEWO’s most distinctive features is how its taste varies subtly throughout the year, as our grazing pastures change with the seasons. Whether it’s hints of alfalfa in the springtime or notes of rye in winter, this is milk that tastes exactly the way nature intended.
Newo milk is sourced from Organic farms, which are New Zealand-certified as organic and adheres to the highest ethical farming standards. Our cows are 100% New Zealand Truly grass-fed,ensuring their milk is free from GMOs, pesticides and heavy metal residue, while supporting the ery best ratio of omega fatty acids that are essential for healthy growth.

Newo Values

Newo is dedicated to promoting high-quality organic agricultural practices throughout the dairy industry. We are firmly committed to welfare and sustainability, striving for transparency, integrity, fairness, quality, inclusiveness, and loyalty – these are the values we persistently uphol.


Every bottle of Newo milk is checked for quality at least three times, including rigorous testing by the farm where our cows are raised, the factory where our milk is produced, and via the independent experts. This ensures that only the very best milk reaches our customers – guaranteeing the highest quality with every drop.

Cold Chain service

In addition to obtaining high-quality and reliable milk sources from the ranch, the cold chain transportation and storage of fresh milk also provide a solid guarantee for customers to get high-quality milk. Newo is committed to maintaining uncompromising standards of quality, safety, and integrity for fresh milk. With years of industry experience, we provide professional and independent full cold chain transportation services, which instill confidence in the safety of any product bearing the Newo trademark.

New Zealand Organic Farming

At Newo, we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure our milk is the best it can be – and a huge part of that process is our commitment to organic farming.
All of our milk comes from farms located in New Zealand’s lush golden region. In this pastoral paradise, our cows have free-range access to warm sunshine and fresh chemical-free pastures all year round, surrounded by many of the country’s most stunning natural landscapes.

New Zealand has some of the highest farming standards in the world, with strict guidelines that ensure all accredited organic farms must be thoroughly checked and tested by nationally-recognised organizations throughout the year. Our cows are raised and graze on. That means guaranteed healthy soils and happy cows, alongside meticulous production methods that you can trust, with absolutely zero use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic hormones or GMOs – resulting in the healthiest, most nourishing milk you’ll find.

Our commitment to organic farming also represents a greater commitment to sustainability in the long-term. We believe in working only with ethical, eco-conscious farmers who nurture soils and create balanced ecosystems that will continue to produce

natural, healthy food in a sustainable way for generations to come – for the benefit of our people, our animals, our environment, and the future of our whole planet.

Responsibility, sustainability and quality lies at the heart of everything Newo does – and it’s this combination that makes our milk truly exceptional.

News & Updates

Here at Newo milk, we love working with organizations that share our values of excellence, dedication and authenticity – which is why we are proud to partner with the award-winning Takapuna Grammar School Rowing Club.

With a long-storied history spanning over 80 years, the Club has recently enjoyed another record-breaking season – securing four national titles, one national record, the position of North Island’s Top Co-Ed Rowing School, and being crowned Auckland Champions.

Achieving these successes takes hard work, commitment, discipline and ambition – a spirit for uncompromising quality that Newo milk also shares. We’re thrilled to have played a small part in the Club’s successes this year, and hope all their members continue to enjoy drinking our milk for years to come!